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November, 2018

Mr. Ashok Minda, Group CEO, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group, writes about the emerging technologies in the automotive sector.

Automotive technology is witnessing a technology revolution in almost all areas of vehicle systems and sub-systems. A bulk of this revolution is powered by regulatory demands, comfort driven, safety and security relevant, green / low emission technologies, vehicle weight reductions and increased content of electronics. On the global level, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are focusing on attaining higher levels of Automated, Electrified and Connected Mobility for all their upcoming and current / running vehicle programs. Connected Mobility also termed as ‘Telematics’ is the integration of mobile communications, vehicle monitoring systems and location technology. This is poised to revolutionize the transportation ergonomics across the globe and India being a superpower in IT makes us a strong player in the forefront.


In automotive sector, Telematics solution offers an exhaustive range of functionalities to make the vehicle smarter. In India, Telematics market is in a nascent stage. Commercial vehicles and passenger car segment shall cover a large share of the market pie in the next 2 ~ 3 years. Usage of this solution is mainly for fleet management, low fuel consumption and driver behavior. Passenger safety and asset security are expected to drive the demand in the near future.

Interestingly, almost all vehicle manufacturers are exploring the possibility of taking advantage of this technology and building up the new models with serious discussion with multiple stake holders, viz., device manufacturers, firmware developers, telecom operators and service providers. Remote vehicle diagnostics is expected to facilitate greater control with preventive maintenance thus improving the ROI by reducing the downtime.

Telematics also provides the vehicle with anti-theft functions and live tracking to assist the law enforcement agencies to recover the asset safely there by reducing the vehicular theft.

There is special legislation (AIS 140) passed by our Government for improved Safety of Passengers which is expected to be enforced as early as April 2019. This mandates new registration or renewal of public vehicles carrying passengers to be equipped with a highly reliable and certified Tracking Device along with a panic button to facilitate distress call to reach the Control Room for emergency assistance.

Digitization is driving not only in the R&D area even in manufacturing industries to compete with the future trends and to find solutions to the pain been faced so far. Many are trying to adopt the Industry 4.0 practices to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of operations. We are going to see the shift to smart factories with the Internet of Things ( IoT ) that connects the entire production chain with logistics, suppliers and customers. Due to overlap of competency and solutions, we are also actively developing products into another megatrend shaking up the manufacturing industry – Digitization.

Spark Minda has the full expertise and proven solutions in the connected mobility which are in mass production for various automotive OEM’s. These solutions are deployed in cars, tractors, commercial vehicle, retrofit applications and various industry IOT applications. We offer the end to end solutions including the cloud and application layer to the end users which are time tested and proven in the industry.

Opinions expressed in the article are the author’s own.