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Q.Is Form 15 G/H required at the time of booking of the Fixed Deposit?

A.Customer can submit the form 15 G/H form (if applicable) at the time of fixed deposit booking or post fixed deposit booked. 15G/H benefits would be considered from the date of submission only.


Q. What are Loans Against Shares?

A. Loan Against Shares (LAS) is Loan Against Marketable Securities in which the customer pledges his investment in favour of lender and borrows funds to meet his financial and personal requirement without selling his investment.


Q. What is Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)?

A. Under an STP, a fixed amount of your capital is automatically transferred at regular pre-determined intervals (monthly or quarterly) from one mutual fund scheme to another scheme of the same fund house. For example - if you have received a lump sum amount and if you wish to invest the same in an equity-oriented fund through an SIP, you can first invest the entire amount in a liquid fund. You can then issue an instruction to the mutual fund to transfer a pre-determined sum of money at pre-determined intervals from the liquid fund to the equity fund. Alternatively, if you have invested in an equity scheme and would like to book gains at regular intervals, you could instruct the mutual fund to transfer only the capital appreciation on a regular basis to a liquid fund. To know more, click here, our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you shortly.


Q. What type of Home Loans does YES BANK Offer?

A. There are a variety of home loans on offer:

a) Home Purchase Loan

b) Home Improvement Loan: for renovation and repair of your home

c) Home Loan Top-up: additional funding at Home Loan rates along with existing Home Loans on the same property

d) Home Loan Transfer: balance transfer of home loans from other banks and Housing Finance Companies

e) Home Loans for Self Employed: tailor made home loans for self employed professionals or non-professionals


Q. What are your current Interest Rates for Loan against Property?

Our rate of interest is subject to YBL-EBLR (Linked to 6 Month Certificate of deposit rate) as published by Financial Benchmark India Private Limited (FBIL) as reference rate for external benchmarking.

E.g. July 2020

6 month CD rate – 3.69%

YBL EBLR – 7.65%

Interest Rate charged are also subject to banks overall risk assessment of the borrower, quality of collateral & income assessment


Q.When is an FD receipt issued?

A. FD Receipt is issued only in case of TAX Saver FD, in all other cases a FD Advice is issued.


Q. How are Currency Futures and Options different from Equity futures?

A. For currency futures and options, underlying asset is the currency pair at currency exchange rate. For equity futures, the underlying asset is the equity share of respective company.


Q. Can an NRI avail of New Car Loans from YES Bank?

A. Yes, with a local co-applicant

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