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Smart Edge

Comprehensive financing solution for SMEs engaged in manufacturing, trading and services

Smart Edge

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The Smart Edge program is designed to empower MSMEs by providing easy access to finance for their working capital and other business requirements.

Product features may change without notice -for all Products offering.

Key Attractions


Relaxation on Collateral cover basis good financial score


Financials Not Required
Assessment basis GST & Bank statements

Feature & Benefits


Credit limits ranging between 1cr. – 3 crs. basis scorecard linked assessment model

  • Credit limits ranging between 1cr. – 3 crs. basis scorecard linked assessment model

  • Balance Sheet & P/L not mandatory.

  • Quick Assessment basis GST & Bank statements (Digital Submission enabled)

  • Flexible collateral cover basis good financial score

  • All types of Fund based and Non-fund based Credit Limits available


Account level customization

  • Account level customization
  • Anywhere Banking Facility at no extra cost
  • Money Monitor : India’s first aggregation tool that helps you to view all your bank accounts through single window
  • State of the Art Internet Banking Platform with Real time online account
  • Anytime Anywhere’ banking enabling you to operate your account from any YES BANK branch across the country with no hidden charges


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Documents Required

  • Completely Filled MSME Application Form

  • Last 3 year Financial Statement including latest 2 years Audited Statements along with all shedules

  • Financial Projection for 2 years

  • ITR Returns along with computation of Income atleast for last 2 years of the Applicant/Co-Applicant/Guarantor

  • Sales Tax/ VAT Returns for Current Financial Year.

  • Statement of Accounts for Last 6 months-for all CC/OD/Current Account.

  • Repayment Track Statement from Starting to Till Date OR First and Latest Sanction Letter with last 6 months Repayment Track Statement

  • Proof of Vintage eg. Shop establilshment , Pollution license, etc

  • KYC documents of Applicant/Co-Applicant/Promoters/Guarantor

  • Propoerty Documents offered as Secuiruty

  • Self Certified/CA certified Net worth statement of the Applicant/Co-Applicant/Promoters/Guarantor

  • Sanction letter of the all Major existing working capital facilities availved by the firm

  • Key group company's latest Audited Financials, alongwith details of Bank borrowings if any

  • Order in Hand and Important Agreement if any

* All Documents must be self attested

** These are only indicative and not exhaustive list of Documents.


Have any other query?

Q. Who is eligible for this program?

A. Only ‘new to YES Bank’ customers are applicable under this program.


Q. For a firm to be classified under Scorecard program, is there any cap on the existing group exposure?

A. For a firm to be classified under this program there is no cap on existing Yes Bank group exposure. Only the borrowing firm should be within INR 2 crore.


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