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The scheme provides 100% guaranteed coverage to the lenders in order to enable them to extend emergency credit to their borrowers hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and struggling to meet their working capital requirements. The Scheme has four components- ECLGS 1.0 , ECLGS 2.0, ECLGS 3.0 and ECLGS 4.0.


Salient features are as tabulated below :-






Eligible entities

  • All MSMEs and Business enterprises

  • Loan provided to individuals (restricted to business loans taken for their own businesses)

  • All Business enterprises in the 26 sectors identified by the Kamath Committee on Resolution Framework in its report of September 04, 2020

  • Healthcare sector

All business enterprises in

  • Hospitality sector

  • Travel & Tourism sector

  • Leisure & Sporting sector

  • Civil Aviation

Hospitals/nursing homes/clinics/medical colleges /units engaged in manufacturing of liquid oxygen, oxygen cylinders etc. for setting up of on-site oxygen producing plants.

Combined Fund based O/S Loan across MLIs

Up to Rs. 50 crore

> Rs. 50 crore and not exceeding Rs.500 crore

No cap defined

No cap defined

Assistance limit

Upto 20% of Fund Based O/S as on 29.02.2020

Upto 20% of Fund Based O/S as on 29.02.2020

Upto 40% of total Fund Based O/S as on 29.02.2020. Such of these borrowers who have already availed assistance under ECLGS 1.0 or ECLGS 2.0 shall be eligible for additional credit upto 20%

loans upto Rs.2 crore. Such of the borrowers who have availed assistance under ECLGS 1.0 or 2.0 and meet the eligibility criteria of ECLGS 4.0 are eligible for assistance under it also. Separate loan account is to be maintained for ECLGS 4.0.


DPD not to exceed   

> 60 DPD as on 29.2.2020

> 60 DPD as  on 29.2.2020

>60 DPD as  on 29.2.2020


>90 DPD as on 31.03.2021

Facility permitted


WCTL and Non Fund Based


Fund based and non-fund based (only LC for import of capital equipment) facility

Repayment period
including moratorium

Max 4 Years

Max 5 Years

Max 6 Years

For fund based facility Max 5 years.

Non-fund based facility granted for import of capital goods shall be converted into a term loan upon crystallization and shall be repayable within a maximum period of 5 years from the date of first disbursement/utilization out of fund based/non-fund based facility, subject to other conditions.

Moratorium period

1 Year

1 Year

2 Year

6 Months


  1. The facility shall rank second charge with the existing credit facilities, in respect of underlying security and cash flows.

  2. Charge on Current Assets financed through the additional facilities to be created.

  3. Extension of charge on all the securities taken for existing loan to ensure second charge.

  4. No additional collateral security required for additional funding under GECL

(As per decision taken on September 08, 2020, the stipulation of second charge has been waived in respect of all loans up to Rs.25 lakh (outstanding as on February 29, 2020 plus loan sanctioned under GECL), subject to MLI ensuring to safeguard the interests of NCGTC. In this regard, MLI shall obtain a suitable undertaking from the borrower.)


Same as ECLGS 1.0. Additionally borrowers availing assistance under ECLGS 4.0 shall open ESCROW A/c on which bank shall have its charge.

Guarantee cover

100% Guarantee by NCGTC


Sanctions upto September 30, 2021 and disbursement upto December 31, 2021.

Interest Rate capping

External benchmark linked rates (for MSMEs) and Marginal cost based lending rate (for non-MSMEs) +1% subject to a maximum of 9.25% per annum

Maximum 7.5% per annum

GST Registration Condition

Business Entity must be GST registered in all cases where such registration is mandatory. This condition will not apply to Entities that are not required to obtain GST registration.


For detailed guidelines refer link - Click Here

For FAQs on scheme refer link - Click Here

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Documents Required

  • Completely Filled MSME Application Form

  • Last 3 year Financial Statement including latest 2 years Audited Statements along with all schedules

  • Financial Projection for 2 years

  • Income Tax Returns along with computation of Income at least for last 2 years of the Applicant/Co-Applicant/Guarantor

  • GST Returns for Current Financial Year.

  • Statement of Accounts for Last 6 months-for all CC/OD/Current Account.

  • Repayment Track Statement from Starting to Till Date OR First and Latest Sanction Letter with last 6 months Repayment Track Statement

  • Proof of Vintage e.g. Shop establishment , Pollution license, etc

  • KYC documents of Applicant/Co-Applicant/Promoters/Guarantor

  • Property Documents offered as Security

  • Self-Certified/CA certified Net worth statement of the Applicant/Co-Applicant/Promoters/Guarantor

  • Sanction letter of the all Major existing working capital facilities availed by the firm

  • Key group company's latest Audited Financials, along with details of Bank borrowings if any

  • Order in Hand and Important Agreement if any

* All Documents must be self-attested
** These are only indicative and not exhaustive list of Documents.

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