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Health & Wellness: India Perspective

December, 2014

Health & Wellness

India’s Healthcare sector is rapidly expanding and by 2020, is expected to reach USD 280 billion and generate 40 Lakh new jobs, with the private sector’s share in healthcare delivery set to increase to over 81%. India has made significant improvements on basic health indicators and various Government departments, agencies and the industry segments are working together towards establishing world-class healthcare standards at affordable cost.

Similarly, India’s Wellness industry which is poised to reach USD 16 billion by 2015 is recognized as a global leader in the field of health, nutrition and wellness, given its rich heritage and ancient roots. However, current public spending on health is as low as 1.2% of GDP which has led to high out-of-pocket expenses to the tune of approximately 70%.

Additionally, low penetration levels of insurance and healthcare schemes have further affected affordability of Healthcare services. The YES BANK Knowledge Report ‘Health & Wellness – Indian Perspective’ highlights the need for active Government involvement and private participation to actualize the vision of Accessibility, Affordability, Availability and Awareness to revolutionize Healthcare in India and also realize the full potential of India’s Wellness Industry.

It highlights that the Government must aim to increase public spending to 2.5% by 2017, with special emphasis on primary healthcare. The industry must leverage international alliances and partnerships to expand services and capabilities through optimal utilization of resources and technology and reduced operational costs thereby maximizing performance and efficiency to achieve world-class healthcare and wellness delivery standards.

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