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Sustainable Finance

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Sustainable Financing

Sustainability has been a core value proposition to YES BANK since inception, weaving sustainability into its operations as well as creating stakeholder value through positive impact business solutions. The central Responsible Banking team holds the mandate to set and drive the bank’s strategy based on a triple bottom line of financial, social and environmental returns.

While India continues to account for a very low per capita emission level, over the past five years, overall CO2 emissions have risen. Climate change could result in huge economic losses accounting to over 1% of India’s GDP. It is estimated that an investment of over USD 2.5 trillion will be required for India to achieve its emission intensity-reduction targets and adaptation to climate change by 2030. This makes it critical to align the growth agenda with addressing climate change, and for financial institutions to bring their expertise, to the task at hand of integrating sustainability in financing.

YES BANK having realized Sustainability as the future of business has focused on developing a knowledge driven approach to banking, and is striving to drive it through its sustainable finance interventions.

Strategic approach to sustainable financing

YES BANK believes in a knowledge driven approach to banking and has deployed a...

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Focus on Sustainability Sectors

YES BANK’s focus on environmental sustainability makes it not only a...

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Sustainability in Operations

Establishing a framework to recognize, evaluate, monitor and manage the...

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Innovative Financing Mechanisms

In context of green financing, Innovative Financing Mechanisms may be understood as...

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Principles for Responsible Banking

The Principles for Responsible Banking provide the framework for the sustainable banking system of the future....

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Collective Commitment on Climate Action

YES BANK is the only Indian Bank to be a signatory to the Collective Commitment on Climate Action (CCCA) –...

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