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Say YES to Sustainable MSMEs in India

2 years

- 9 states, 18 locations
- 1000+MSMEs impacted
- 12,500+ workers benefitted
~ 6000 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) trainingbeing conducted under ‘Say YES to Sustainable MSMEs in India’ project in Rajkot, Gujarat


MSMEs are a significant contributor to the Indian economy as they account for 45% of industrial output, 40% of the total exports and over 8% of GDP and providing employment to over 100 million people through 46 million units. This sector has a very important role to play in realizing the Government’s ‘Make in India’ mission and it is imperative that MSMEs achieve manufacturing excellence

YES BANK is committed to being a one stop solution provider for the MSME sector by not only catering to all their banking requirements but also enhancing their environmental and occupational health & safety performance to help them become globally competitive thus feeding into the ‘Make in India’ vision of the government.


Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Health & Safety in MSMEs

YES BANK in line with its Responsible Banking ethos is committed to supporting the MSME sector and giving it the much needed thrust to put it on a sustainable growth path. The Bank had launched first-of-its-kind MSME CSR project ‘Say YES to Sustainable MSMEs in India’ in FY 2014-15 to promote Environmental Sustainability through Energy Efficiency and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) within the Indian MSME sector in partnership with on-ground implementation partners.

EE and OHS workshop being ogranized in Hyderabad, Telangana with Micro Units Balanagar Association under the project ‘Say YES to Sustainable MSMEs in India’


The project aims to enhance the overall sustainability (Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability) of MSME units by improving their energy efficiency, strengthening their occupational health and safety systems through multifaceted interventions including sensitization workshops, energy audits, capacity building on energy efficiency, health camps, first aid trainings, safety trainings, providing drinking water facilities, first aid kits, distributing personal protective equipment and conducting financial literacy campaigns.


Project outcomes/Impact

  • Improvement in the operational efficiency in MSMEs

  • Increase in the productivity of the MSME units

  • Reduction in the annual energy consumption for the benefitted MSME units

  • Improvement in the safety and health standards


Impact Assessment

To measure the social impact that the project was able to create, the bank analyzed the outcomes by identifying and valuing its respective indicators. The social value generated by the project with respect to the investment is called its Social Return on Investment (SROI) and the bank calculated it using Social Value, UK’s international framework recommended by network of over 700 global members

The bank calculated the project’s SROI, for the financial year 2015- 16. A thorough analysis of inputs from the stakeholders, the outputs and corresponding outcomes was done. The data was collected by involving the benefitted MSME units and implementation partners through questionnaires.

The SROI is 6.9. In other words, the on-ground social impact generated by the project is 6.9 times the value of the inputs invested.

Click here for detailed case study:


Impact Created in FY 2015- 16

  • 28 million (INR) was saved by the MSMEs through YES BANK’s energy efficiency CSR interventions*

  • 169 million (INR) was saved by the MSMEs through YES BANK’s OHS interventions*

  • 5,181 hazardous incidents and health issues have been avoided*

  • 4.03 working days have been saved for each employee, annually by increasing the operational efficiency and productivity*

  • 98.6% of the benefitted MSME units are satisfied with YES BANK’s CSR intervention^

*Calculated and extrapolated figures from stakeholder response

^Based on stakeholder response


Scale-up in FY 2016- 17

YES BANK has scaled up ‘Say YES to Sustainable MSMEs in India’ project to 11 states impacting:

  • 15,000+ workers

  • 2000+ MSMEs on Energy Efficiency and OHS through sensitization workshops, safety trainings, first-aid trainings, health camps

  • 13 sectors including Foundry, Dyeing, Rubber, Plastic, General Engineering, Textile, Rice Mills, Auto ancillaries, Industrial tools and pumps, Sports goods, Handicrafts, Railway vendors etc.

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