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If you’re an NRI and looking to open NRI savings account then you can opt for either Non-Resident External (NRE)and a Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) savings account or Seafarer savings account with YES BANK, it comes with so many benefits and defines convenience. You can easily open a NRI Savings account online. The NRE and NRO Savings Account offers ease of access (without any hassles) to your money for you and your family back in India.

YES BANK offers innovative financial solutions, backed by expert advice which in return takes care of your banking and savings requirements. YES BANK offers a 6% rate of interest on NRI account in India. Go through the NRI Savings account opening documents required for YES BANK, carefully before opening the savings account. For more information on Savings account click on

Below is the list of required documents for NRI Savings account:

A) Status Proof

In case you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI account documents)

If you’re a Person Of Indian Origin (PIO)

Photocopy of the relevant pages of your current passport where your name, address, date of birth, date & place of issue, expiry date, photograph & signature appear

Requirement: The Photocopy of the relevant pages of your current passport (in which your name, address, date of birth, date & place of issue, expiry date, photograph & signature is mentioned)


Also, the photocopy of Valid Visa / IKAMA (only for GCC) / Overseas Citizen of India card


Others: The permanent Residency Card issued by USA and Singapore can be accepted in lieu of Visa


Photocopy of the PIO Card (If available) OR

One has to fill in the self-declaration for PIO on the form

C) Overseas Address Proof (Anyone)

The documents mentioned below are accepted as an overseas address proof (anyone):

  • Valid Overseas Passport

  • Valid Driving License

  • Any relevant utility bill - Electricity / Telephone / Mobile (original bill) / Piped Gas / Broadband / Water Bill (not more than 3 months old)

  • Credit Card Bill along with photocopy of credit card (not more than 3 months old)

  • 1-month bank account statement on bank's stationery (it should not be more than 4 months old) along with at least 1 customer-initiated transaction

  • Depository Participant (DP) account statement on bank's stationery (not more than 3 months old) with at least 1 customer-initiated transaction of at least 1 month

  • Banker's verification on bank's stationery

  • Not more than one-year old: Wealth/ Income/ Sales/ Service Tax Assessment Order

E) Identity Proof (Anyone)

The documents mentioned below are accepted as Identity proof (Anyone):

  • Valid Passport

  • PIO Card i.e. applicable only in case of PIOs

  • Valid Driving License

  • Voter’s ID card

  • Photocopy of Bank statement or passbook of an NRI account with another Scheduled Commercial Bank in India not more than four months old with at least one customer-initiated transaction. (Only if it contains Photograph)

  • Overseas Citizen of India card

  • There should be a valid Photo ID Cards issued by any of the following Organizations/Institutions:

    • Central / State Government Ministries and Departments

    • Statutory / Regulatory authorities (e.g. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, National Highway Authority of India, Securities Exchange Board of India, Airports Authority of India, Directorate General Civil Aviation, All India Council of Technical Education, Reserve Bank of India, Indian Banks’ Association, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Central and State Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Bar Councils, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India etc.)

    • PSUs established under Central / State Govt.

    • Pension Book /Card / Freedom Fighter’s Pass

    • Senior Citizens Card

    • Ministry / Department of Defense for personnel & their dependents

    • Public Financial Institutions

II) Here are the additional documents required if you have not met any YES BANK official yet

  • You will need to get photocopies of supporting documents duly attested by Indian Embassy or (High Commission or Bankers verification).


  • Self-certify the copies of documents and furnish anyone self-signed additional identity proof

III) Mandate-Holder Documentation

If there is a need to add a Mandate Holder needs to the account then please submit an Identity proof, Address proof and Signature proof (Not required if the current passport has a signature) of the Mandate Holder. The Mandate Holder will need to self-attest the photocopies of all his / her documents submitted as proof of the documents.

If you’re sending the form directly from abroad, you will need to send the Mandate Letter to your appointed Mandate Holder who resides in India.

The appointed Mandate Holder would require submitting the completed form, along with the documents, in person at any of the YES BANK branches in India. The mandate holder will have to carry his / her documents in original for verification purposes.

IV) Seafarers Account

  1. Going on a new fresh contract:

    • You’ll need a photocopy of Passport with Visa (first four pages of the passport as well as the page indicating last date of arrival in India OR Copy of Passport and separate proof of NRI status (in case the Visa / Permit is not included in the passport)

    • Valid Contract Copy

    • Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) booklet copy with your name, other details & the latest discharge stamping (optional if contract valid)

    • Mailing address proof required. Overseas address proof not mandatory.

  1. NRI Savings account documents required:
    List of additional documents to be provided in case of a Permanent Employee

    • Initial work contract &

    • Last wage slip (within last 6 months)

If you are a Contract Employee, then you also need to provide the last work contract valid as on date.

  1. In case you have just back from a contract & are on a break:

    • In case your last contract letter is no longer valid/ expired within last the 9 months similar would be accepted without need of new contract letter confirmation from local agent (a local agent is an individual /entity which coordinates and helps placement of seafarers in shipping companies), provided CDC is valid (as on date of account opening), as CDC is a sufficient proof of NRI status.

    • If the person doesn’t have a CDC but holds a valid VISA, then last contract letter will be accepted as above, if the passport shows immigration seal within the last 6 months.

    • In case of expiration of the contract letter prior to 9 months, a letter from a local agent that will confirm the next date of joining vessel or current work contract letter will be required.

    • Any declaration by Seafarers (Provided in the Account Opening Form)

  1. Additional Information:

    • There is no need for a CDC copy for crew members employed with cruise liners.

    • As this is a seafarer account the permanent address proof would be mandatory.

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