Construction Equipment Financing and Loans from YES BANK

YES BANK offers quick and easy Construction Equipment loans for the requirements of units in the Construction Equipment and Material Handling space. Our range of offerings are tailored to suit all customer needs.


  • Individuals / Partnerships firms/ Companies with more than two years business experience
  • Captive customers, hirers, Contractors and Mine Owners

Eligible Criteria for borrowers

  • Individuals ,Proprietary concerns, Partnership firms, Companies (Private & Public), Trusts (Private Trusts), Limited Liability Partnerships with more than two years business experience. Customer classifications
  • Captive customers, Plant Hirers, Contractors and Mine Owners

List of co-ordinates PAN India

Schedule Of Charges

Construction Equipment Loans

In its wide product portfolio, YES BANK offers business loans for a range of fields to facilitate the business goals of owners and entrepreneurs. One particular loan of note is the Construction Equipment Loan for the requirements of the construction equipment and material handling space. With years of experience and banking know-how, YES BANK is the bank for your business banking needs.

Once you opt for YES BANK’s Construction Equipment Loan, you are in for the best terms at attractive interest rates. You also receive financing facilities for equipment from global manufacturers, including JCB, Telcon, L&T Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Escorts, Case, SchwingStetter, Hyundai, Terex, Ace, Liugong, Greaves, Putzmeister, Atlas Copco, Apollo, and more.

Under YES BANK’s Construction Equipment Loan, contractors and builders receive funding for the purchase of new construction equipment needed for activities such as mining, material handling, earth moving and so on. Moreover, the loan covers existing construction equipment owners, mine owners, contractors, builders, port owners, and others operating construction machinery.

Eligibility for Construction Equipment Loans

The eligibility criteria for Construction Equipment Loans from YES BANK are as follows:

  1. Individuals/Partnership Firms/Companies (both private and public)/Trusts (only private trusts)/Limited Liability Partnerships/Proprietary Concerns with more than two years of business experience

  2. Captive customers, hirers, contractors, and mine owners

Key Attractions

YES BANK is a market leader within the SME Loans segment, offering impressive benefits that ensure that you achieve your business goals. A few key attractions of a YES BANK loan for business include:

  • Financier Status - YES BANK enjoys preferred financier status with all Indian as well as global manufacturers of construction equipment.

  • Loans up to 90% - When you opt for a YES BANK Construction Equipment Loan, it covers up to 90% of the equipment price. For instance, if your equipment costs INR 1,00,000, then your YES BANK Construction Equipment Loan covers INR 90,000 of that expenditure.

  • Flexible Solutions – A common complaint among borrowers is the lack of flexibility in terms of financing. With YES BANK, you can take advantage of flexible financing solutions which are customised to meet your requirements.

A few other important features of a Construction Equipment Loan from YES BANK include:

  • All Types of Funding: This particular loan can be funded through a multitude of ways. Other funding related benefits include Working Capital Finance – CC & OD facilities, Bank Guarantees/LCs, Bill discounting/LC discounting, Inventory Funding/Trade advance/CC/OD for Dealers, Payment Solution, Cash Management Services & Forex Solutions, and more.

  • Simple Documentation: There is no complicated documentation with a YES BANK loan. All you need to do is fill out the application, sign an agreement and submit the requisite proofs and documents.

  • 60 Month Repayment Period: The repayment tenure of the YES BANK Construction Equipment Loan lasts up to 60 months, providing entrepreneurs and business owners a significant amount of time to repay their debt.

  • Quick Response: YES BANK prides itself on its customer service. With experienced personnel who are there to answer your every query, you are sure to get a speedy and prompt response for all your banking questions and needs.

  • Reach: With 32 locations offering Construction Equipment Loans, YES BANK offers a wide area of operations to ensure that you do not compromise on your banking and finance needs.

  • Relationship Managers: Apart from the attractive interest rates and repayment tenures, you also get access to an experienced team of relationship managers, who understand your concerns, listen to your queries and welcome your feedback.

Applying for a YES BANK Construction Equipment Loan is now easier than ever. You can pick from two application options – visit your nearest YES BANK branch, and get started. The other option is to apply through phone banking, wherein the bank will send you all the details and paperwork, without you having to leave the confines of your home or office.

All you need to do is complete the application, fill in the requested details, along with an agreement, and provide your documents. However, while turning in the documents, there are a few things to remember.

Self-attested copies of all submitted documents must be provided. Additionally, original documents must be presented for verification purposes.

Here is a list of the required documents for a Construction Equipment Loan from YES BANK:

  • PAN card (I & S)

  • Ration Card (with physical verification of address) (I & A)

  • Valid Driving License (Complete ISA)

  • Valid Passport (Complete ISA)

  • Pan Intimation Letter

  • Voter’s ID card (I & A)

  • Utility Bill (Electricity/Telephone/Mobile (original bill)/Piped Gas/Broadband/Gas Connection Book/Water Bill issued by Municipality) (not more than 3 months old)

  • Aadhar Card/Letter issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

With a YES BANK Construction Equipment Loan, you can trust your business to be in safe hands. With attractive interest rates, quick documentation and processing, and repayment tenure of up to 60 months, this is exactly the kind of financial boost your business needs.


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