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India Bole YES

India Bole YES

YES BANK, on completion of its 11th year of institutional excellence, has launched a movement, which in its true sense, is a story of YES BANK and that of this new prospering India.

From small steps

to taking giant strides…

From overcoming obstacles

to seizing opportunities…

From technology that challenges

to technology that empowers…

YES BANK salutes this indomitable spirit of INDIA that echoes…


Today, India is recognized as a nation of great potential, which has emerged as a global force to reckon with. We are willing to meet challenges head on with the confidence of coming out as winners. With hard work, perseverance and self-belief, we as a nation have entered an era of growth and prosperity.

These are the same values that YES BANK has embodied since inception and continues to nurture in our relentless pursuit to be India’s Finest Quality Large Bank by 2020.

YES BANK is here for this new spirit that is driving India and the positivity & dynamism, to which INDIA bole YES!

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