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YES! We are SAFE to use

Dear Customer,


There have been some reports in the media on a security breach at certain ATMs in the banking network, impacting debit cards across multiple banks in India.

We would like to reassure you that in the case of YES BANK, we have proactively taken measures to ensure security of customers.

YES BANK has also undertaken a review of our ATMs and found them to be clean and safe to use. Please do not believe any rumours stating otherwise and contact us for any clarifications on our YES TOUCH PhoneBanking number 1800 1200 or write to us at

The security of your accounts is of the top most priority for us. As a general precautionary measure YES BANK has requested customer to change their Debit Card PIN. We also request you to follow these basic security tips:

  • Never share your Debit Card PIN with anyone
  • Cover the keypad with your hand to prevent anyone from seeing the PIN
  • Change your PIN regularly. Don’t keep easy to guess PIN
  • Transact online only at reputed and known online merchants
  • Report any suspicious transactions immediately

We would like to reassure you that you can securely continue to enjoy the superior banking services on your Debit Card at YES BANK at ATMs or any payment channel.

Assuring you of our best services always!



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