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Kudos to YES BANK team. Keep it up !


Mr. M. S. Gogia

Valued customer of YES BANK Milarganj Ludhiana Branch

3 December, 2016


Since I started my journey with YES BANK one and half year ago. I had always appreciated your professional approach, and your team working tirelessly  for the satisfaction of customers.

I would also like to mention the transition from HDFC to your bank was very smooth. I experienced a very comfortable space with your bank. Specially with respect to communication, grievances, transactions extra. Your response was very understanding and quick. RBI policy matters were clear to you and your team which was very helpful to make export transactions.

Today I am compelled to express my feelings specially in the period of crises which the demonetization has created. Since the day of demonetization there was chaos all around. It was your leadership and team work that the working of your branch was very smooth. Each and every customer went satisfied and two occasions I had to personally visit your branch to withdraw cash and felt as if it is a routine normal day working. It was all contrary to the news media and rumors

Kudos to YES BANK team. Keep it up ! 


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