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It was a wonderful experience and would appreciate the way I am treated 



Mr. S. Arora

Valued customer of YES BANK Mayapuri Branch

17 November, 2016



In today’s scenario when entire world is standing in long queues and when they enter in the bank most of the representatives also get frustrated, but Today when I visited YES BANK, Mayapuri Branch. It was awesome experience when I entered inside the branch; The Branch manager came across and guided me with entire procedure related to cash deposit. He was extremely polite and most helpful person I have ever met at any of the bank. He took my ID proof and got that copied and helped me in filling forms as well. It was completely wonderful experience and would appreciate the way I got treatment in today’s situation. Thanks to YES BANK culture for making my association proud and would surely refer customers to bank with YES BANK


I would really appreciate the effort, the Staff have been making. In the 2-3 hours of wait time I didn’t see anyone going for even a 2 minutes break. Really commendable job and hats off to YES BANK team.

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