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I applaud this great team and wish them all the success in years to come


Mr. D Jagtian

Valued customer of YES BANK Andheri West Branch

13 November, 2016


In this day and age people seem to get aggravated by little things of life thus complain, shout, get angry and so much more negative behavior however when good and wonderful things happen to people they are taken for granted and no one compliments or thanks those individuals who made it happen which is precisely why I am writing you this letter.

For the past one week we have all witnessed extremely stressful financial situations due to demonization. One of your branches located at Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai has truly stood the test of time and has delivered service "par excellence" to all its customers. I have personally been to this branch on five occasions this week and witnessed the same.

Leadership starts at the very top! I have witnessed services at this branch by a very capable and service oriented branch leader and his always smiling team of executives along with all others including the peons/office boys, graciously serving cold water and cookies to people waiting in line to en-cash their cheques or exchange their currency notes.

I applaud this great team and wish them all the success in years to come.

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