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One of the smarter things we seem to have done is to open an account with YES BANK¿


Mr. Sankaran

Valued customer of YES BANK Santacruz (W) Branch

13 November, 2016


Greetings! I couldn't think of a better way of appreciating the wonderful service rendered by your team at SV Road, Santacruz (W) Branch and hence this note of appreciation to you and I sincerely hope you wouldn't mind this direct outreach.

Ever since my wife and I bought our flat in Santacruz (West) and shifted into it, early this year, we were looking for a locker in the vicinity. We heard a 'no' in more than one well known private bank branches until, I walked into your SV Road, Santacruz (W) Branch. That was my first experience with YES BANK, anywhere, except for what I used to read in the leading daily’s.

It was a ‘YES’ from my very first interaction the branch staff. Even though it was close to end of banking hours, they patiently heard out all my requirements, shared the various products that could be of potential interest for now and in future. And of course, the first ever thing she said was Lockers were available and I could choose from the different sizes on the basis of what we would require. A far cry from the seemingly artificial scarcity or conditional availability with the other banks that I had been to earlier. We not only opened our Savings Bank Account but, went on to open a FD, bought an child insurance product through your branch, initiated an RD; all this in the past four odd months we have been associated. We do look forward to much more.

All this may not sound like a big deal but, what truly counts for us is that there has been no hard sell! On the contrary, it has always been very personalized service, always with a smile, always a positive interaction, a genuine effort backing every request or query with a genuine intent to address the customer's requirement...alternatives when suggested were logical and thoughtful and customer benefit was put at the core. In today's technology driven, not-so-personal, ATM banking era, these are standout traits. Especially, when they become an add-on to all the advantages offered by technology, it sets your bank apart. It is like the best of both worlds - like having the warmth of very personal banking (like what I experienced as a kind going with my father to the bank back in the eighties and everyone was on name basis) and with the latest of tech-enabled banking, allowing me to carry the bank in my pocket.

To do all this on a normal day, may still be good but, what I saw yesterday and today compel me take my hats off to your staff at SV Road, Santacruz (W) branch. Despite the long queues of hordes of people, a range of queries from the most innocent to the most irksome, despite such a heavy demand, everyone at the branch right from the manager down to even the security person worked like one single unit, patiently answering people, trying to help them out genuinely, maintaining a pace which reduced the turnaround time to beat the rush and so on. I could see that the deployment of extra counters in a well thought out manner added to the efficiency. And trust me, I did not hear a single murmur anywhere! Not one angry or irritated voice. Given the currency exchange rush and from what I hear and see in the news, this is a brilliant accomplishment and deserves all the kudos it does. It stood in contrast to all the other banks I know of in the vicinity and this is an eyewitness account, for certain. In fact, when I was on my way to your branch this morning, I was even wondering, if I should, since I saw serpentine queues and chaos prevalent outside many other banks in my vicinity. 

I must really compliment your staff at SV Road Santacruz (W) branch. I was telling my wife that one of the smarter things we seem to have done is to have opened an account with YES BANK. We are truly delighted.

I wish you and team YES BANK the very best as you grow from strength to strength.

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