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Customer Testimonials on Demonetization

Happy moments shared by our customers on Twitter - Know More


  • Kudos to YES BANK team. Keep it up ! - Mr. M. S. Gogia Know More
  • I am really impressed by the Staff’s cordial attitude & behaviour with customers - Mr. V. K. Goel Know More
  • I was much impressed with your professionalism in tackling the crowds and the regular clients - Mr. D. Sood Know More
  • I would like to congratulate entire team for the performance shown while dealing with customers - Mr. A. Chaudhary Know More
  • We must admit it was the most pleasant experience - Mr. P. Kataria Know More
  • I appreciate their commitment and dedication in client relationship - Mr. V. Singh Know More
  • I would like to appreciate the entire team for the kind of services provided to me - Mr. D Sunil Know More
  • During the Demonetization period this bank has made me feel comfortable - Mr. K. Abhimanyu Know More
  • I must congratulate YES BANK team for taking forward this very bold and great step - Mr. A. Gupta Know More
  • We are very happy to bank with Yes Bank and truly believe that Yes Bank is partnering in our growth - Mr. S. Vaish Know More
  • I must appreciate the professionalism of employees of YES BANK - Dr. S. Malik¿ Know More
  • We would really appreciate that your services are very good and your staff are really cooperative while dealing with the customers - Mr. A. Gupta¿ Know More
  • I salute entire YES BANK team for voluntarily taking up the challenge and serving all - Mr. G S Walia Know More
  • Whether it is currency exchange or cash deposit, YES BANK staff has been very helping, agile and soft spoken - Mr. R Agarwal Know More
  • After working for so many hours they never expressed tiredness. They are always smiling and caring - Mr. K Diya Know More
  • The Branch Staff are taking special care of each customer especially senior citizens and women - Mr. G. Nanda Know More
  • Thanks a lot YES BANK for being a real companion in the time of demonetization - Mr. V. Singh Know More
  • After visiting the Branch, I felt that it's a real tribute to be part of your esteemed set up Mr. A. K. Khosla, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Know More
  • Your staff not only managed in giving personalized service to all its clients, but also managed in serving outsiders - Mr. B. Velloz Know more
  • It is a pleasure meeting you and seeing the good work you all are putting in - Mr. M. Ahtesham, Indian writer and Padma Shri Awardee¿   Know More
  • I hereby congratulate & thank staff working at YES BANK Athwagate branch - Mr. M. Shastri Know More
  • It was a wonderful experience and would appreciate the way I am treated - Mr. S. Arora Know More
  • The queue was managed properly, people were served with food, water and top of all this I would say with EMPATHY!- Mr. D. Grover Know More
  • I am definitely a happy YES BANK customer and wish the whole YES BANK team more and more success ! - Mr. K. Sridhar Know More
  • YES BANK has given me a very good service in the process of withdrawing of my money - Mr. B K Akula Know More
  • Thank You for awesome customer service. Appreciate it - Mr. D. Shah Know More
  • We congratulate all of you and respect for your hard and heroic duty - Mr. S. K. Sirohiya Know More
  • I sincerely appreciate your efforts - Mr. S. Banerjee Know More
  • YES bank bhubaneshwar is excellent in service and customer care - Mr. R. Chandra Know More
  • It has been a pleasure banking with yes bank every time - Mr. S. Bramha Know More
  • A wonderful experience. hats off to yes bank and its employees! - Mr. H. Oberoi Know More
  • None of the employee is doing anything in haste but handling each and every customer smoothly- Mr. N. Mahajan Know More
  • The staff was very pleasant, efficient and helpful- Mr. S. Gupta Know More
  • The way i was treated was fabulous. keep up the great job - Mr. B. Shingari Know More
  • My experience in the bank and service rendered were excellent - Mr. J. Bajaj Know More
  • Kind, professional, really very helpful customer centric services - Mr. M. Kaila Know More
  • 100% attention to each customer and at the same time keeping their cool and helping the customers during such crisis - Ms. P. Roy Know More
  • Appreciation of the way yes bank is handling non yes bank customers - Mr. A. Khullar Know More
  • I applaud this great team and wish them all the success in years to come - Mr. D. Jagtiani Know More
  • My heartiest thank you to the whole staff including the guards - Mr. M. Gala, Hewlett Packard Know More
  • Doing very well in this tough time - Mr. H. Raj Know More
  • Impressive to see how orderly the line was and with what courtesy staff dealt with the situation - Mr. H. Sikand Know More
  • Exceptional service in these tiring times - Mr. S. Mago Know More
  • Entire branch team is very cooperative and helpful - Mr. S. Sangar Know More
  • Staff members are really helpful and doing a commendable job - Mr. S. K. Jain Know More
  • The support from your staff while standing in queue and managing the queue was excellent - Mr. G. Sharma Know More
  • I have no words to express for the graceful hospitality and outstanding services you have extended - Mr. M. Datta, Wockhardt Limited Know More
  • Many congratulations to the whole team of Yes Bank to give us an experience of customer satisfaction in this need of hour - Mr. N. Bhatia Know more
  • One of the smarter things we seem to have done is to open an account with YES BANK - Mr. Sankaran Know More
  • I am extremely pleased and thankful to YES BANK for keeping us happy - Mr. Duggal Know More 
  • Every Staff of the branch was equally supporting and helpful which had made YES BANK different from all other banks - Mr. Agarwal Know More
  • Your branch staff was focused working for the whole day to efficiently help people - Mr. Suri Know More
  • It gives me great pleasure to congratulate YES BANK for making citizens, especially senior citizens feel quite comfortable - Mr. Dhingra Know More
  • It was indeed a heartening experience- Ms. S. Nene Know More
  • The staff at the counters kept their composure despite the sudden rush of transactions. - Mr. P. Chakrabarty Know More
  • "Today you are doing a service beyond customer service....Today you all are serving the nation "- Mr. B. Verma Know More
  • "I take this opportunity to Thank You for your courteous service" - Mr. J. Parashar Know More
  • "YES BANK provides excellent customer service and I feel jubilant when I see smiling faces of YES BANK Staff" - Mr. A. Gupta Know More

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