Gold & Silver Debit Cards

The YES BANK Gold and Silver Debit Cards give you the recognition and flexibility to carry your account with you, wherever you go. Launched in partnership with MasterCard International, this card gives you unparalleled access to withdraw cash from innumerable ATMs and can be used to make cashless purchases in millions of establishments.

With enhanced withdrawal and purchase limits, unique value added services and easy hot-listing services, your YES BANK Debit Card is one of the most power-packed debit cards in the country.

Now, also get the power of E-convenience with your YES BANK Debit Card your YES BANK Debit Card has now become e-convenient. You can shop online from the comforts of your home across every category including Apparels, Hotels, Gifts, Florists, Electronics, Lifestyle goods, Consumer goods, etc, all with your YES BANK Debit Card. And what’s more, be assured of the safety of your transaction each time you purchase online.


Get started in 4 easy steps!


Step 1:Choose ‘YES BANK’ in the ‘Pay by Credit Card’ option of the Payments section, once you have finished shopping on any e-commerce website. You will be asked to enter your card details. Post keying in the same, the relevant facility will be displayed to you for completing your Registration process.

Step 2: Key in a "Personal message" that will help you confirm the authenticity of your transaction each time you shop online. Then select your ‘Hint question’ from the dropdown list and answer the same.

Step 3: Create your own password (i.e., your very own "YES BANK MasterCard SecureCode") to authenticate your current online payment / transaction. This password will be used to authenticate your future online transactions.

Step 4: Complete the Registration process by accepting the Terms & Conditions displayed.

Once your Master Card SecureCode is generated, you are ready to shop online with your YES BANK Debit Card. Do ensure that you always keep this Code handy for future reference. Get clicking with your YES BANK Debit Card today!

Benefits and Features

  • The YES BANK GOLD Debit Card, YES Business Gold Debit Card and World Debit Card offer 0% surcharge on petrol purchase transactions at any petrol pump.Get instant savings of up to 2.5% of the value of all petroleum transactions. The waiver is restricted for fuel purchases up to INR 5000 per transaction.
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit of INR 75,000 on Gold and INR 25,000 on Silver debit cards.
  • FREE domestic cash withdrawals on GOLD Debit Cards from ATMs displaying the MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, NFS and CashTree logos Daily purchase limit increased to INR 75,000 on Gold and INR 25,000 on Silver debit cards from any merchant establishment displaying the MasterCard logo
  • Personal Accident Insurance* upto INR 500,000 on Gold and upto INR 200,000 on Silver Debit Card Know more.
  • Purchase Protection Insurance* upto INR 25,000 on Gold and Silver Cards. All purchases will be indemnified against any damage caused by fire, burglary and or theft upto 90 days from the date of purchase. Know more.
  • Lost Card Liability Protection* - your YES BANK debit card is safer than cash. If your card is lost and you haven’t made a purchase transaction, you don’t need to pay for it. You are now safe for transactions made on your debit cards upto 7 days prior to reporting the loss to YES BANK. However, for your safety we recommend that you report the loss immediately. This insurance is valid for all transactions done at merchant outlets without the use of PIN only. This facility does not cover cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs. Know more.
  • Special offers on travel, lifestyle and fine dining. Refer your account statements for regular updates.
  • Instant updation of your account to reflect your debit card transactions.
Usage Instructions
  • You can access your account for FREE at over 75,000 MasterCard, CashTree and NFS ATMs across the country
  • To access an ATM, you need to use your unique four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in conjunction with the card
  • You are advised never to disclose your card number or PIN to any individual
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately. To Contact Us, please click here
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*Different Types of Insurance Cover

Type of Insurance Cover

Product types covered

Zero Personal Accident Insurance, Lost Card Liability Protection - INR 25,000 and Purchase Protection - INR 25,000 SA 10 (Savings Advantage), SA - NRE (Advantage), SA - 5 (Savings Value), SA - 25 (Savings Select), My First Account and YBL Staff accounts
2 lakh Personal Accident Insurance, Lost Card Liability Protection - INR 25,000 and Purchase Protection - INR 25,000 Smart Salary Advantage and Senior Citizens’ accounts
5 lakhs Personal Accident Insurance, Lost Card Liability Protection - INR 75,000 and Purchase Protection - INR 25,000 CA - 200 (Business Edge), CA - 500 (Business Elite*), CA - EXIM, CA - Trade, CA - Trust, SA 100 (Savings Exclusive), SA - NRE (Exclusive), SA Zero Balance (Exclusive), Jiyofit accounts, Smart Salary Exclusive, YES Vijay Advantage & Exclusive,

CA - 10 (Business Value*), CA - 30 (Business Growth*), CA - 70 (Business Benefit*), SA - Silver Zero Bal., SA - No Frills, SA - EPI and all NRO accounts are not covered for insurance.Please read detailed T&C. For detailed Insurance T&C click here.


In line with the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, with effect from November 29, 2013, we would be revising the daily International transaction limits for ATM & merchant purchase limits on your YES BANK Debit Card. There would be no change in the Domestic transaction limits. The limits have been revised in consideration of the security of your card and account.

In case you intend to use your YES BANK Debit Card for International transactions, we recommend that you apply for an EMV Chip Debit Card for a safe and secure transaction along with higher limits.

Kindly note that if you have done an International transaction using your YES BANK Debit Card in the past, your International limits would be reduced to INR ZERO.

For all other customers the International ATM and International merchant purchase transactions limits would be reduced to INR 25,000/- at ATM and POS respectively.

***On upgrade of your Debit Card (e.g. from Gold to Platinum), charges are applied as per the upgraded card type.



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